By Swann Bigot, legal expert and consultant in international affairs, for Eurasia Network – May 30, 2017


An electric car is charging – Source : pixabay

The public power company Lenenergo (a subsidiary of Rosseti) has just opened this month a new network of 15 electric vehicle charging stations (22 kWh each) in Saint Petersburg and in the Leningrad oblast, reported the daily Kommersant.

Roman Berdnikov, General Director of Lenenergo, said that the investment in this project amounted to USD 500,000 (RUB 30 million).

He added that “Charging stations will be free of charge until December 2017. If customers will have to pay for charging service in the coming years, fee will not exceed the cost price.”

Lenenergo reported that 47 electric vehicles are registered in Saint Petersburg. The power company plans to install 30 other charging stations in 2018 in cooperation with local authorities.

Two types of infrastructure have been installed:

  • 4 fast charging stations (80% of battery charged in half an hour)
  • 11 slow charging stations (battery charged from eight to ten hours)

Three electric cars can be charged at each station.

Location of the charging stations was chosen depending on the closeness to the busiest highways, as well as access to the Saint Petersburg’s Ring Road and the Western High Speed Diameter (a toll motorway on the Western part of the city, linking the North to the South and completely opened to traffic in December 2016).

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Fast charging points are logically located on major highways while slow ones are installed close to business centers and residential areas.

A map of the 15 electric vehicles charging stations in Saint-Petersburg is available on the website of the power company Lenenergo here.

Drivers need a special « client card » from by the power company Lenenergo to launch the charging process of the batteries. At the opening of the new charging stations, 16 cards have been delivered to owners of electric vehicles registered in Saint-Petersburg.

Lenenergo is now looking for new places where to install more equipment.

This installation of charging infrastructure is a new measure towards the electric car market after that the government of Saint Petersburg decided in November 2016 that registered electric vehicles can park free of charges in the central district of the city.  Individuals and legal entities can benefit from this policy. However, free parking is not available for hybrid vehicles, reported the municipal administration.

The Northern capital is included in the federal charging infrastructure program of the national power company Rosseti, according to which new charging stations for electric cars and buses will appear in the coming years. Key regions will first receive equipment.

Rosseti could operate a network of 190 charging stations by December 2017 and even 1,000 charging stations by the end of 2018, reported the news agency TASS 

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