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Solar panels – Source : Pixabay

A 55 MW solar farm opened in Belarus on October 13th near the city of Rechitsa, revealed the news agency Belta. This is the largest solar power plant of the country. Total investment amounts to more than $ 50 million, reported the news agency

The facility was built on the order of the state-owned oil company Belorusneft and covers a total area of 115 hectares. Almost 218,000 solar panels will transform the solar radiations into electricity.

Bisol Group, a Slovenian company which manufactures photovoltaic modules and mounting systems was the supplier of this major project.

The Institute of Energy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus offered its scientific support. As stressed the Director of the Institute Anton Brinj, the specialists of the academy carried out an energy survey, developed an integrated feasibility study for the launch of the solar farm (a smaller facility was initially planned).

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Before the construction of this 50 MW solar farm, the largest solar power plant, built by Velcom, was located near Brahin in the South of Belarus, with a 18.48 MW capacity.

Until recently, around 30 solar power stations with a total capacity of 41 MW were operating in Belarus.

Furthermore, the state program “Energy Saving” plans the construction by 2020 of solar power stations with a total capacity of at least 250 MW.

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