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Photo credit - Kommersant 25 december 2017

An EV charging point built by Rosseti in Krasnoyarsk. Photo credit – Kommersant , December 25, 2017

Two new charging points for electric vehicles opened on March 23 in the city of Krasnoyarsk, announced a press release of PJSC MRSK Siberia, a subsidiary of the Russian state-owned power giant PJSC Rosseti.  The first EV charging point was installed near the railway station and opened last December. Another charging station would be installed in the airport of Krasnoyarsk in the coming months.

Vladislav Loginov, First Deputy Head of Krasnoyarsk, then told journalists that an electric bus will be tested in the streets of this Siberian city in 2018.

The company MRSK Siberia has now installed three EV charging points in Krasnoyarsk and one in Kemerovo. The model used is “EVC 100, serial Premium”, enabling fast charge of batteries of electric cars. The current intensity of power is 32 amperes. Drivers can refuel the battery of their electric car in 20-30 minutes while from a usual home outlet the charge takes hours.

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The service is free of charges and the drivers only need to receive a magnetic chip card from the Customer Service Center of Krasnoyarskenergo, the local subsidiary of MRSK Siberia. Drivers also receive detailed instruction on the use of the charging point.

Alexander Klimin, the Deputy General Director of MRSK Siberia in charge of special projects, told journalists during the opening ceremony that :

When we were thinking about installing the first charging point for electric vehicles in Krasnoyarsk, there were only 5 electric cars in the city according to registered data. However, 13 drivers of electric vehicles contacted us within three months in order to receive charging cards.”

The Russian power company Rosseti is building a large network of charging stations that will link Kaliningrad on the Baltics to Vladivostok in the Russian Far East across the 77 subjects of the Russian Federation. Other charging points opened in major Russian cities, like in Samara last November.

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The Deputy General Director of MRSK Siberia added that :

“The expansion of the network of EV charging stations is the contribution of the energy companies for a better environment in the cities of Siberia. We want to support the growth of electric vehicles so we install EV charging points. We will continue our project as we must open soon new EV charging stations in Barnaul, Omsk and other cities covered by PJSC MRSK Siberia. We currently study possibilities to install charging infrastructure for electric cars around shopping malls and public places. In addition, we plan to install ultra-fast charging points.”

The owner of a Nissan Leaf told journalists that :

“It is very useful that there are charging stations for electric vehicles in Krasnoyarsk now, where I can stop for 15-20 minutes and refuel the battery. I will not worry anymore if I can reach home driving my electric car. This new way of travel is the future. The commitment of MRSK Siberia and Rosseti towards the development of EV charging points is worthy of respect.”

While electric vehicles are becoming a new trend worldwide, the market is emerging in Russia. According to the agency Avtostat1,771 electric vehicles were registered in Russia as of January 1st, 2018. They were 1,133 in July 2017 and 920 in January 2017. This represents a growth by 92.5% between January 2017 and January 2018.

The expansion of the network of EV charging stations across Russia is one of the priorities of the Russian state-owned Rosseti, with the support of the Federal Ministry of Energy.

Krasnoyarsk, located on the Yenisei River, is the third largest city in Siberia with a population of 1 083 794 inhabitants in January 2018.

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