By Swann Bigot, legal expert and consultant in international affairs, for Eurasia Network – April 29, 2018

Electric Bus E433 in Tambov, 2018 - Photo credit Belkommunmash

Electric Bus E433 Vitovt Max Electro in Tambov, 2018 – Photo credit Belkommunmash

The administration of the Russian city of Tambov started testing the Belarusian electric bus E433 Vitovt Max Electro, reported the press agency BelTA. This electric bus manufactured in Belarus by the state-owned company Belkommunmash has been already tested last year in the streets of Moscow and in Saint Petersburg.

The Belarusian manufacturer provided the electric bus and a charging station free of charges on the basis of the agreements signed by the authorities of Tambov and Minsk last December.

The three-month trial period began in Tambov on March 17th, 2018. The employees of the local public transport company Tambovgortrans received training to drive and operate these ecofriendly vehicles. The price of one ticket is the same as for other buses.

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Passengers are invited to share their experiences during the tests. Engineers of Tambovgortrans will review the performance features of the Belarusian electric bus. The municipal administration will decide after the tests whether this innovative and clean transport matches the needs of Tambov.

Twenty electric buses E433 Vitovt Max Electro are now running on two routes of Minsk, capital of Belarus. The first tests took place in December 2016 and the state-owned transport company Minsktrans even plans to purchase 60 more electric buses from Belkommunmash in 2018 and 2019, revealed the press agency BelTA.

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The electric bus E433 Vitovt Max Electro benefits from a low noise level, a capacity of 153 passengers with 38 seats, a maximum speed of 60 km/h and is equipped with a 160 KW battery using supercapacitors that can be charged in 6 minutes thanks to a lifting pantograph at the final stop, enabling a driving distance of 16 kilometers.

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