By Swann Bigot, legal expert and consultant in international affairs, for Eurasia Network – May 1, 2018

Charging station of an electric bus E420 Vitovt Electro - Photo credit Belkommunmash

Charging station of an electric bus E420 Vitovt Electro – Photo credit : Belkommunmash

The Belarusian company Belkommunmash could deliver electric buses to the Georgian cities of Tbilisi and Batumi, stated Vladimir Korol, the General Director of the manufacturer to journalists on March 22nd during the Belarus-Georgia Business Forum 2018, reported the press agency BelTA.

The executive added that the Mayors of Minsk and Tbilisi have discussed this project, as the Georgian capital needs to upgrade its public transport fleet and is interested in electric buses.

 “We have agreed to deliver a hybrid electric bus and an electric bus for trial operations in Georgia in the next two or three months. Before this testing phase, we will host a group of Georgian specialists and senior officials to discuss every detail. […] Three major Georgian cities have also shown a similar interest”, explained Vladimir Korol.

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The General Director of Belkommunmash added that a manufacture plant of electric buses could open in Georgia :  “This will not cause any troubles. I have examined a repair factory. This is a serious project. This is not only about assembly and delivery but we hope that this will be a joint and comprehensive project. […] Belkommunmash will soon present a detailed report and a business plan before Tbilisi top officials.

Belkommunmash presented the electric buses E433 and E420 during the Belarus-Georgia Business Forum 2018.

The Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Alexander Krepak told journalists on March 14 that « Belcommunmash is working on the potential delivery of electric buses to Tbilisi and Batumi in Georgia.”

The city of Batumi  benefited from a € 1.5 million grant from the European Union in July 2017 to purchase ten electric buses for its public transport fleet.

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The move towards electric buses in large cities around the globe stems from the will to reduce harmful emissions and noise and to increase the quality of life of citizens.

Besides, the operating expenses of an electric bus are lower than those of a diesel bus, due to lower energy costs in comparison with diesel fuel and thanks to reduced volume of engineering works on the electric batteries. Therefore, cities can reduce their spending dedicated to public transport, adopting ecofriendly solutions.

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