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Wind turbines in fields, June 2018 – Photo credit : S. Bigot

The Republic of Tatarstan may host 100 MW of wind power capacities by 2024, announced Almaz Khusainov, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan, before journalists of TASS press agency during a press conference on April 8.

The Kazan State Energy University has been conducting wind measurements for more than nine months in three regions of the Republic. This work must be completed by next July.

Today we already understand with the results of the nine months measurements (…) that there is a good wind potential in these areas. Once the wind measurements completed, we will send the results to potential investors, such as the Finnish Fortum or the Italian Enel, so that they can work on it, analyse it and decide on the construction of wind farms (…) we have up to 100 MW of wind power capacities to be built in the Republic of Tatarstan before 2024”, explained the Deputy Minister.

However Mr. Khusainov did not specify how many wind farms will be built. It could be a 100 MW wind farm or two wind power plants totalling 100 MW, reported the Tatar-Inform press agency.

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The Deputy Minister made this statement as the Tatarstan International Energy Efficiency Forum “TEF-2019” takes place in the city of Kazan on April 10-12. The President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, the Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia, Anton Inyutsu, five deputy governors of Russian regions and representatives of 175 Russian and foreign companies, including Belarus, Iran, Turkey, Germany and Austria attend this event.

Italian Enel may invest in Tatarstan’s wind power

The company Enel Russia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan signed on April 10 an agreement on information exchange and cooperation over technical studies of environmental issues (wind speed, temperature, atmospheric pressure) in order to identify possible opportunities for the development of renewable energy sources in the region based on the expertise of Enel Green Power S.p.A., the Enel Group’s renewable energy business line, revealed a corporate press release.

The agreement was signed in Kazan during the Tatarstan International Forum on Energy Efficiency by Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, General Director of PJSC Enel Russia, and Albert Karimov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan, in the presence of Rustam Minnikhanov,  President of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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This agreement expands our opportunities in Tatarstan, where we are glad to continue working with the aim of developing new energy projects. The Republic has a great industrial potential and is one of Russia’s faster growing regions offering different business opportunities, including in the renewable sector.

– Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, General Director of Enel Russia

This is the second agreement signed by the Italian Enel with the Republic of Tatarstan. Last February in Sochi OOO Enel X Rus, a Russian subsidiary of Enel, and the energy company JSC Tatenergo signed a memorandum of intent aimed at enhancing cooperation in the field of electric vehicles and V2G technologies (Vehicle-to-grid).

The Tatarstan International Forum on Energy Efficiency is a large-scale communication platform taking place in Kazan, for discussing energy issues and demonstrating innovative technologies and solutions in the field of energy savings and energy efficiency.

The Republic of Tatarstan is a subject of the Russian Federation, known for its oil resources, industrial assets in mechanical engineering, chemistry and petrochemicals plants as well as its agriculture.

Russia is progressively moving towards renewable energy sources and a new market is rising. New generation capacities and manufacture plants are built across the country. The Ulyanovsk oblast, the Rostov oblast and the Adygea Republic in Caucasus now host the main projects.  The growth of this new sector is driven by the official target of 4.5% of renewable energy share in the national energy mix by 2024.



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