By Eurasia Network – September 22, 2019

Wind turbines in wheat fields July 2019 - Photo credit - Swann Bigot

Wind turbines in wheat fields, July 2019 – Photo credit : Eurasia Network

The German NOTUS Energy announced through a press release on September 13 that it acquired last April the rights for the construction of three wind farms with a total capacity of up to 270 MW in Ukraine.

The projects are located in the districts of Roksolany, Ovidiopol and Libental, at some 30 kilometres west of Odessa, a historical and major industrial port on the Black Sea coast. The wind farms will be made of 54 wind turbines with individual capacity of 5 MW.

The commission of the wind farms is scheduled for 2021.

We have taken over the project at an advanced stage from a local partner and we are currently preparing the details of the final investment decision” explained Heiner Röger, founder and Managing Director of NOTUS energy.

Based in Potsdam since its foundation in 2001, NOTUS Energy will carry out the structuration of financing, the technical planning, the construction and the operation of the infrastructure.

The previous system with feed-in tariffs is currently being converted into a tender system. We would like to make use of the existing feed-in tariff, but the tender system will also provide us with a stable framework” commented Heiner Röger.

The three wind power projects are located in close proximity to each other. The land required belongs to the local communities and will generate high rental income in the future.

A bill introducing an auction system from January 2020 was adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament in April and signed by the Ukrainian President in May. The text entered into force on July 1. A pilot auction must be held by December 31, 2019.

The new auction system is expected to create a transparent and competitive energy market in Ukraine, able to attract efficient investments. This transition is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which funds through loans several renewable energy projects in the country.

The wind power industry is growing fast in Ukraine because the country offers a good wind exposure, available lands, strong energy needs due to aging infrastructure and a growing economy by 3% a year as well as financial incentives attracting investors. Local machine-building plants and a skilled workforce also help in the implementation in complex wind farm projects.

NOTUS energy has been developing, delivering and operating wind farms for more than 15 years. The company relies on a team of 125 specialists which brings together highly-qualified staff, including engineers, geographers, environmental scientists, cartographers and ornithologists.

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