By Eurasia Network – December 7, 2020

The Czech Republic plans to achieve a 22% renewable energy share in its final energy consumption by 2030 – Photo credit : Pixabay

The Czech Republic may stop using coal as an energy source by 2038. The decision was voted on December 4 by the National Coal Commission, reported the Czech News Agency.

After discussions the 15 members of the commission voted in favour of the coal ban, with two abstentions and two votes against.

The Czech Republic intends to rely on renewable energy sources, said Karel Havlíček, the Czech Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport. According to him, 355 billion kroons (about $ 15.4 billion) will be allocated for their development by 2050 : “This will be the cost of new sources due to the fact that we will decarbonize and stop [using] coal […].

Karel Havlíček, presented the outcome of the commission’s meeting as a compromise.

Looking at the capacities, financial resources and commitments to the EU in 2030 and 2050, the year 2038 is viable both technologically and in terms of the timetable” said the Minister.

The years 2033 and 2043 were also considered as possible dates for the complete phase-out of coal use.

This proposition of a 2038 deadline may expand the capacities of the nuclear power station in the city of Dukovany by 2036, to replace the power outage caused by closure of coal power plants. Last July, the electric power generation and distribution company CEZ signed agreements with the Czech Government for such an expansion.

Environmentalists and activists are pushing for the gradual decommissioning of coal-fired power plants in the Czech Republic by 2030.

The Czech Coal Commission was established last year as an advisory body to the Czech Government. It includes representatives of industry and science, as well as environmentalists. The Commission is chaired by the Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec and the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček. The remaining 19 members include miners, academics and environmentalists. They are, among others, the CEZ CEO Daniel Beneš, the Chairman of the Czech Mining Authority Martin Štemberka or the Chairman of the Trade Union of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Industry Workers Rostislav Palička.

The decision of the coal commission must be definitely approved by the Government, which must make its decision by the end of this year. The Czech Republic plans to achieve a 22% renewable energy share in its final energy consumption by 2030.

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