By Eurasia Network – February 3, 2021

Electric buses in Moscow, November 2020 – Photo credit :

Almost a quarter of the globally generated harmful emissions into the atmosphere are caused by the transportation industry. To address this problem, new global standards are being actively introduced, requiring the use of environmentally friendly transport. Hundreds of thousands of electric buses are already driving on the streets of major cities, and their number is steadily growing. Moscow does not lag behind the global trend : the Moscow fleet of electric buses is now the largest in Europe. For comparison, there are 200 operating electric buses in London, 154 in Paris and near 200 in Berlin.

Another 400 electric buses are expected to be delivered to Moscow in 2021.

Maxim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of the Russian capital for transport, said that the 600th electric bus arrived in Moscow on January 6. The number of electric buses has doubled in the Russian capital in 2020.

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The plans are to buy another 820 electric buses in 2021 and 2022. By 2024, the number of electric buses should exceed 2,200 which will make up a third of the Russian capital’s land transport fleet.

Taking trams into account, about 40 percent of the Moscow’s land transport will switch to electric traction.

By 2030, the Mosgortrans (Moscow City Transport) park should achieve green status, becoming completely environmentally friendly.

Mosgortrans now runs in Moscow 42 electric bus routes, 33 of which were previously bus routes.

These figures make Moscow as the leader in Europe in the number of electric buses.

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