By Eurasia Network – September 23, 2021

The energy cooperation have been key issues of the second meeting of the Coordinating Committee of the Ukrainian-German Energy Partnership, on September 16.

The meeting was chaired by the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Energy for European Integration Yaroslav Demchenkov and State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of Germany Andreas Feicht.

Without a doubt, Germany is one of Ukraine’s key strategic partners. It is important to note that every year the partnership in the formation and implementation of modern energy efficiency policy is gaining momentum. After all, it is an effective tool for common goals – decarbonization of the economy, as well as sustainable development and improving the welfare of society as a whole.” said Valery Bezus, Head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency.

Valery Bezus said that the Ukrainian State Agency for Energy Efficiency highly appreciates the long-term cooperation with German partners, the provision of thorough technical assistance in the implementation of reforms, initiatives and projects in the field of energy efficiency.

Outlining promising areas of Ukrainian-German cooperation, Valery Bezus drew attention to the importance of further exchange of experience and joint work on the implementation of European directives, improving legislation, implementing energy management systems at the municipal level, in budgetary institutions and industry, ensuring the role of government buildings, introducing new green financing instruments, in developing hydrogen production and transportation.

In general, the parties discussed the results of the first year of the Energy Partnership and the following priorities in the areas of hydrogen energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, equitable transformation of coal regions and decarbonisation.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of Germany, the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Nuclear Safety, the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy, the Ukrainian Ministry of the Region, the Ukrainian Ministry of the Environment, and the Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Secretariat.

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