By Alexander Petrov, for Eurasia Network – September 27, 2021

Students of the Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU, Arkhangelsk) have developed a robot that can be used to clean up the Arctic, reported the press service of the university.

There is a lot of industrial waste, barrels of fuels and lubricants, scrap metal in the Far North. Collecting it by hand is a long and unsafe process. This is where our robot should help. Now the operator can control it remotely, but in the future we plan to make it so that the robot interacted with a drone, which will be able to independently determine the “deposits” of garbage and give a signal for its collection and transportation to the robot, “the press service quotes the Director of the Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems of NArFU Ilya Mayrov.

Students presented their development at the Technosreda science and technology festival in Moscow. It is a six-wheeled robot with a manipulator that can grab and move objects. The action scope of such robots is very wide: rescuers, employees of mining and exploration companies are already showing interest in the development.

The roboto prototype presented at the forum is a working model that can easily overcome a variety of obstacles. The machine will be able to clean in the Arctic, with the help of a drone used to find waste. The real future “Arctic cleaner” will have a size of a passenger car and will have a serious carrying capacity.

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