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Wind turbines in fields, 2017 – Photo credit : S. Bigot

The Rostov oblast in Southern Russia hosts a 90 MW wind farm project carried out by Enel Russia. The investment amounts to EUR 132 million. The region offers good wind exposure, available land, industrial infrastructure and financial incentives for investors.

Igor Sorokin, the local Minister of Industry and Energy said in early July that : “The launch of wind power plants in the Rostov oblast will improve the reliability of electricity supply to local consumers, will increase the volume of electricity generation and will bring the share of power from renewable energy to 20% by 2022.”

Several wind farms will be built in the Rostov oblast by 2025. They are expected to produce a quarter of the electricity generated by the Russian renewable energy infrastructure.

According to Vasily Golubev, the Governor of the Rostov oblast since 2010, the components of the wind turbines will be manufactured at the Atommash plant, a factory based in the industrial city of Volgodonsk.

In addition, a manufacture plant of towers for wind farms with an annual production capacity of more than 600 units opened in December 2018 in the city of Taganrog. Investments amounted to more than 700 million RUB (around 9.5 million EUR). The towers will be used in the wind power projects of the Rostov oblast. The first tower was produced in March 2019.

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The new factory is operated by the company OOO Bashni VRS, registered in November 2017 as a joint venture between the Spanish Windar Renovables, the Russian state corporation Rusnano and PAO Severstal.

The development of renewable energy sources in Russia is stimulated by the capacity supply agreements (contracts offering a guarantee of a basic annual return of 12% for investors). Under the current support scheme, about 5.5 GW of renewable energy capacity should be built in Russia by 2024. Now the Federal government and the national regulator of the electricity market are discussing the parameters of the potential extension of the support scheme until 2035. The new support scheme could be more market-driven than the current one.



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