By Eurasia Network – December 7, 2020

Wind energy is constantly growing in Russia and must amount to 5.4 GW by 2024 – Photo credit : Pexels

Sibur Holding started using electricity generated from the 150 MW wind farm located in the Adygea Republic, in Russian Caucasus. A subsidiary of the holding, Biaxplen Ltd, uses the renewable energy to supply an industrial facility in Novokuibyshevsk, Samara oblast, reported a corporate press release.

An agreement on the supply of test volumes from the Adygea wind farm has been signed by SiburEnergoManagement and VetroOGK, a subsidiary of Rosatom.

The task of the consumer and the supplier at this stage is to test the work with wind power generation in order to find the optimal formats for cooperation and increase the volume of supplies, reported the company.

Vladimir Tupikin, SIBUR Energy and Resources Director, commented :

Reducing the carbon footprint of manufactured products, which can be achieved by increasing the share of green energy, is a global trend today. SIBUR, being part of the global business community, is also actively involved in this process. In 2019, we launched a solar power plant at one of our assets and plan to further increase the use of renewable energy sources both through our own generation and through direct contracts with suppliers of green energy, which is an integral goal of SIBUR’s Sustainable Development Strategy until 2025 years and helps to reduce our impact on the climate.

Alexander Korchagin, General Director of NovaWind, a subsidiary of Rosatom, added that :

“Currently, one of the significant factors in the competitiveness of companies is their policy to minimize the use of carbon raw materials, including compliance with these requirements throughout the chain of contractors and suppliers. NovaWind contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint of production and the transition of as many companies as possible to the path of sustainable development.”

The BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene film) manufacture plant in the city of Novokuibyshevsk is one of five facilities operated in the Russian Federation by Biaxplen Ltd. Another BOPP production plant is organized through the joint venture company Manucor S.p.A. since September 2019. These films are used for the production of soft packaging for food products, consumer goods, labels and scotch tapes. In total, BIAXPLEN’s production facilities allow the Russian petrochemical group Sibur to produce up to 180 thousand tons of products in Russia and another 100 thousand tons in Italy.

Sibur Holding is the largest integrated gas processing and petrochemical company in Russia, uniting a number of production facilities in various regions of the Russian Federation. The company sells products to consumers in the fuel and energy complex, automotive, construction, consumer goods, chemical and other industries in more than 80 countries around the world.

Sibur Holding started using electricity from solar power in June 2019, having put into operation a solar power plant at the SIBUR-Yug corporate health centre. The total power of the installation was 471.5 kW, more than half of the energy consumed by the facility.

The construction of the 150 MW wind farm in the Adygea Republic began in September 2018. The total investment amounted to RUB 12 billion (EUR 170 million), as estimated in April 2017.  This wind power plant started supplying power to the wholesale electricity and capacity market in early March 2020. The wind power plant is made of 60 wind turbines, whose equipment was 65% manufactured in Russia.

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