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This new wind farm is the largest ever built in Russia. Picture : View on a wind farm, July 2020 –

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The Russian energy corporation Rosatom has put into operation the Kochubeevskaya wind farm with an installed capacity of 210 MW. Based in the Stavropol territory, the largest wind farm in Russia has started supplying electricity and capacity to the wholesale electricity and capacity market in early January.

This 210 MW onshore wind power station is made of 84 wind turbines, 65% manufactured with Russian technology and workers. This is the second wind farm project achieved by the company NovaWind, a subsidiary of Rosatom, engaged in wind energy projects. The first large wind farm of Rosatom was previously built in the Adygea Republic, near of Krasnodar.

The General Director of NovaWind Alexander Korchagin commented :

Our successful experience in the construction and operation of wind energy stations, the implementation of plans for the creation of serial production of components and assemblies of wind turbines in the Russian Federation, an effective supply chain, including with the participation of companies of the state corporation, enabled us to enter a systemic level of implementation of projects in wind power and complete the project for the construction of Kochubeevskaya wind farm in two years. The Stavropol Territory has become our key region […].

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Currently, the energy corporation Rosatom is implementing a program for the construction of wind farms at three more sites in the Stavropol Territory and the Rostov Region. In total, Rosatom plans to commission wind power plants with a total capacity of about 1.2 GW by 2024.

The development of renewable energy sources in Russia is now stimulated by the capacity supply agreements, which are contracts offering investors a guarantee of a basic annual return of 12%. Under the current support scheme, about 5.5 GW of renewable energy capacity should be built in Russia by 2024.

The Federal Government decided in September 2019 to extend the support scheme until 2035. The scheme would be more market-driven than the current one.

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