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Biogas power plant – Photo credit : pixabay.

Electricity generation from biogas started to dynamically increase in Ukraine. The capacities have grown by 35% in 2018 : from 34 MW (21 power plants) by the end of 2017 to 46 MW (33 power plants) by the end of 2018, reported the Ukrainian State Agency for Energy Efficiency.

The production of biogas from garbage is particularly promising. About 10 million tons of waste is produced annually in Ukraine, and there are almost 5,500 rubbish storage centres.

From one landfill, where more than 1 million tons of garbage can be collected, it is possible to extract per year about 3 million m3 of landfill gas, which contains about 50% of pure biomethane, reports the Ukrainian State Agency for Energy Efficiency. This is a strong potential to increase the share of renewable energy sources in Ukraine.

Biomethane is methane produced by the fermentation of organic matter. It can be used to generate electricity, heating and even energy for transport. Biomethane has properties similar to natural gas.

Today, 20 biogas power plants with a total capacity of 18 MW already work in Ukrainian landfills. The largest number of biogas centres is in the Kyiv oblast, with three facilities covering a total capacity of 4.1 MW.

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One of the latest successful projects is a 659 kW biogas power plant in a landfill located in the city of Khmelnytsky. Investment amounted to UAH 34 million (EUR 1.05 million). The facility can generate about 5 million kWh of electricity per year under a green tariff of 12.4 eurocents per kWh/year. This volume of electricity is enough for street lighting of Khmelnytsky.

This biogas power plant offers the city of Khmelnitsky :

– An increase in the generation of “clean” electricity ;

– A reduction of СО2 emissions into the atmosphere ;

– A decrease of fires in landfills and their volume ;

– Creation of new jobs ;

– New tax revenues to the local budget.

A 5 MW biogas power plant started to generate electricity in the Odessa oblast in August 2018, reported Interfax press agency. Total investment amounted to EUR 17 million. The company TD Vimeksim LLC built the facility which uses waste and silage to produce biogas and generate electricity and thermal energy.

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Sergey Savchuk, head of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, explained that :

I am convinced that such projects should be implemented in all the regions of the country. Therefore, the State Agency for Energy Efficiency, together with the consulting and engineering company “SEC Biomass” and local governments, is conducting an analysis of the potential of biogas extraction in landfills. There are now opportunities for construction of biogas power plants with a capacity of 14 MW and investments amounting to EUR 20 million.”

For instance, at the Dnipro urban landfill, a biogas power plant with a capacity of 3.7 MW can be installed for electricity generation. The estimated volume of investments is EUR 3 million with a payback period of 3 to 6 years.

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Therefore we ask local authorities to study the prospects of using biogas in landfills, attract potential investors and partners and publish potential projects on the Interactive Map “UA MAP”, available on the following address :“, concluded Sergey Savchuk.

25% of renewable energy share by 2035

The Ukrainian government set in October 2014 the goal to increase renewable energy share in the national power mix to 11% by 2020. The country is committed to reduce its carbon emissions and fight climate change.

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Mikhail Bliznyuk, the Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine, remembered in December 2018 that in accordance with the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035, adopted in 2017, the country must reach a renewable energy share of 11% by 2020 and 25% by 2035.


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